Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what a week

As i am writting this am on my way to Malawi by bus. The simple reason by bus is because the scholarship does not provide for transport to us. I arrived from Uganda on Sunday the day that was characterised by that horrific bus and truck collision that resulted in the loss of about 30 lives. I happened to be one of the people to arrive at the scene just minutes after the accident had happened. It was one of the most shocking moments in recent times. I have a few pgotos which i will upload here when i get home....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comments on Proposal Presentation

Comments from the presentation

Change the title from development to design

Do I really need to have a minimum number of test days and what really constitutes a test day i.e. does it have to meet some conditions like no rain, no sun.

Having the stills tried at different locations and not just two…. But can Wilson afford this one and how many do you really want Prof?

Some suggested that I have a simulated sun.. This looks good but the maybe the problem is that the cost will be so high that the program cannot afford.

It was suggested that another way would be to use glass instead of the white paint that is suggested in this research

Reminded to ask Dr CZ Kimambo and Assoc Prof Madhlopa to send their curriculum vitae to Mr. Musinguzi

Proposal Presentation

As I am writing this post Henry Ishungisa is trying to make sence from his proposed work.. I will be presenting my proposal in a feww minutes time. Prof Okure, Dr Sebbit, Wilson and The Head of Department of Electrical Engineering in The Facaulty of Technology at Makerere University. Henry has met some resistance but looks set to have his proposal accepted.
The Ndenish son of a Guru looks like he will drop out as he is not available here... Let me call him.. he may have died at NANA or he drunk too much yesterday..ah he is on a BODABODA...
The comments are coming in and it looks very enlightening and very educative even more than I anticipated...

Byron is giving us a lecture on a mathematical model of some Top Lit Updraft Gasfiers (TLUD).. The lecturers are grilling (is his the right word? wateva) him on the mis uderstandings that have arisen due to his title and methodology...

Next to present is Flavia Gutto but the owner of the laptop wants to go with it.... But the presenter is chewing gum or wat oh no but she has also grown so fat!!!!!! She is talking about charcoal and pyrolysis... These bioenergy people cant just run away from using charcoal...Why cant they develop something that can make me run away fro this charcoal thing....

Next to present is ohhhh dear me!!! its me!!!!!!!! Comments are included here nonono as a separate post please...

Johns presented his biogas...Teacher efficiency was evident

Ssebo Petros Gebray is now presenting his solar concentrator and heat transfer fluid thing... So he wants to collect the energy from outside and bring it in the kitchen for mzeee never stops to amaze me.. Hey questions have started being bombed on ssebo before he has finished... But will he have all the time to finish???

Oscar wraps up the day with his on Top Lit Updraft Gasfiers (TLUD).. for fruit drying... Hey its like he has combined Petros and Byron. Oscar and Byron like doing similar similar things....

Voila Finished..... now it is time to arrest Mr Musinguzi for the hela so that we go home and get started

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End of Coursework

Today I have finished my course work and start an intensive five months of a short research that will end up in a ka small dissertation. I am hoping that by the end of this year I will be through with these things. By the way

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have been in Dar for about two weeks and the progress looks good. We are almost through with Solar Cell Technology classes where Dr Samiji and Prof Kivaisi has given us a good insight into this area..It looks good as well as an area for research in future. Through their lectures I had a chance to remember those times in ICTP for the Solid State Physics. Memories of the class wit photo attached at an outing in Venice, except for Norbert and Michael.... I will leave within week to Uganda whee I am supposed to defend my thesis proposal... I just hope that the progress is the same as it has been here... Kwa sasa nasema kwaheli


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