Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Uncle Monjeza will never learn

U see this guy was in the news for his gay engagement with Aunt Tiwo up to a point of being sentenced to 14 year in the cooler. His conviction held a whole sovereign state that Malawi is at ransom as donors nearly shut down the inflow of their hard earned dollars unless the guy and his homo colleague were released. To the amazement of all who don't know the guy, he engaged to a lady one Doro, a Chirimba prostitute and started a new life buy opening a grocery business using money that was donated by some guy with a fat pocket.

The business seemed not enough to cater for the needs of this normal, turned gay and then normal Monjeza as he was convicted for stealing a USD10 phone and charger. The courts forgave him as a first offender and their relationship with the Doro girl ended because of reasons best known to the two love birds. So another miraculous escape from the cooler.

And now the guy is in the news again for stealing yet another phone.. Its like the guy is in love with phones but he can't just afford one. I am sure this time around the guy will be send to his rightful place as he is now a second offender. It would be nice to visit him one day at the new place which I wish he went to.


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