Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today has marked another mark in their history by electing new office bearers in the office of the president and in parliament... The elections have by reports been free and fair but some reports say that Muluzi is in court trying to challenge the results which have given the incumbent almost a two thirds swipe of the votes counted thus far... I haave written two tests but am angry at the coordinators of the program as they are not updating us of the direction to take after here...Rumour has it that we have to go back to Uganda before we go to Malawi for research...what........

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Changes to go Mobile

What have I done here is an attempt to make this blog available most mobiles....

Swine Flu Fears

Yesterday I got symptoms similar to thos of swine something...I may need a doctor.. I battled with it and managed to watch Man Utd beat Arsenal to book a place in the finals of UCL at the Olyimpico whatever in Rome of course with 2 cold ones to coll my nerves. Today though I aam feeling fine...Gwanda has jumped ship again to rejoin the DPP because he cant support Tembo nothing else..Thats the greed and vengeance syndrome African polititianas have. News from Malawi still gives an edge to the DPP over the coalition even though rumours are also rife that the incumbent is panicking and would like to cancel the polls to a later date so that he restrategies..These are all rumours. Forme am doing fine and hope to continue this way..Am out

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Smaall Update

I have taken long without writting here the big problem is lack of good ICT facilities in Tanzaania....Ah this place is miles away...Internet is like gold in Mzuzu or something like that..... The positive development though is that it looks like Bingu will win in Malawi on May 19 basing of course on sketchy info....and that we will be outa of this land come the end of this month!!!


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