Friday, October 31, 2008

Poly 40th Anniversary

The Polytechnic will be commemorating its 40th Anniversary since establishment as a college of the University of Malawi this year. The celebration will kick off with a Dinner Dance to be held at Comesa Hall on Friday October 31st. am sure I will only appear at the Dinner dance in my dreams! but for my details to the Alumni Database its a done job.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tottenham vs Arsenal

After sleeping very late to watch Man Utd play Westham ishhh the games started late for us ha, I have a slow day this Thursday. Having finished my Geothermal assignment I am now very free to go home and sleep. The Arsenal Tottenham game was a blast. Liverpool is continuing to be lucky.

I have a feeling that the person who lead to Juande Ramos demise at the Lane is this Brazilian Gomes. Tha guy is just dull and I blame him for a good number of goals that Tottenham has conceded this season.

Just remembered my holiday in Malawi and cant wait to go back again.. Will make a phone call home and drink the beer which I did not last night. I don't know what will happen to my friend Uchizi back at Poly and the report that is at his Department.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The end of the bad week hopefully

Today has been the hardest. I have though managed to submit the said proposal. At least the draft. The other two crucial things, i.e. geothermal and project management are also in the final stages. The only thing that is remaining is the heavy head. Maybe a beer or two can do so that I sleep like dead and wake up tomorrow a new person.... Hooooooooooo hurrrayyyy beer!!!!!!!!!

Bad week

This week has been the most hectic week for me. Having accidentally deleting my information on my project proposal and almost every material I had to do with my studies. I had to start from scratch again and had to sleep very late. Luckily for me it looks like I am back on track.


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