Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silly Things That People Do

Sometimes things really move the way you want but at times they don't.. The Flames as the Malawi national Team would have wished to be in the Quarter Finals of The Africa Cup of Nations in Angola, but ALAS they have been shopping yesterday and today will pack their things tomorrow and will be welcome to a hero's welcome at the Chileka International Airport.
Well thats not what I wanted to say here but just imagine somebody you think will keep some of your things to himself starts going around in town telling this one and that one.. Worse still the thing he is telling people is a mission to steal at a particular rich man's place.. Would you still go ahead and steal?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to watch the Africa Nations Cup live over Internet...

Let me not waste time here.. All u need to do is
1-Go to
2-Go to software on the tab on top
3-Download any of the players available. Sopcast, TVU and TV ants have worked for me
4-Near the software tab click on Live sports
5-The live games will appear and then u choose the game that u want and then click on the TVthat appears at the far left end
6-Click at the link with the software that you installed and voila the game will start playing automatically

Try it but I and Mike Matengula are already enjoying the games LIVE AMWENE...

Good luck to the Malawi National Soccer Team (The Flames)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Algeria lose to Malawi Flames

It was another history in the historic qualification to the AFRICA Nations Cup as deemed minnows Malawi had Algeria down on their knees with a deserved 3:0 win at the November 11 stadium in Angola.
There was joy all over Malawi as Malawi clearly out played the world cup bound Algeria. Work was atari standstill at least where I watched the match as everybody wanted to have a glimpse of the Flames game.. UK papers were awash with news that their coach should not have sleepless nights because their opponents @ the world cup lost to Malawi.. Let them wait and get whipped by the Desert Foxes as Algeria are popularly known..
Bravo Kinna and your contingent.. Go all the way and let the World know that apart from the GAYS malawi can make news..


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