Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Use of Internet and Friends

A recent story that was posted on NYASANET has left me asking myself if the rate at which I sit in front of this machine and screen through Nyasanet, Facebook and Freenyasanet, which I am still spamming all messages from it because I was registered by accident will not compromise the time I spend with my loved ones and friends. The internet is extremely fast here but on good day I find my self spending a lot of time just reading through Nyasanet and Facebook, let alone if I have to peep through, The Daily Times, The Nation, Nyasatimes while listening to music on Meetmalawi (I am not sure if it still exists) or Radioyako, Radiochambo, RadioMaria or worse still listen listen to day break Malawi on Capital Radio. iiiiii these things are just too many!!!

There are people on this forum (NYASANET) that belong to and are active contributors to almost every discussion forum at least those by Malawians ie Malawiana, Freenyasanet, Nyasanet, Malawivillage, malawitalk.... I have forgotten the others and am not sure if all these are forums (correction very welcome). And also a good number send posts to these forums as THEMSELVES and then they have to represent their PSEUDOs which usually come in numbers. But you also find them on so many social forums, ie Facebook, Hi5. myspace, chanichani chanichaniso.. Surely if you just google a number of names of most Nyasanetters you will come across one or two blogs that they author.

My friend once complained to me that his ICT guy blocked access to Facebook at work. The ICT guy was apparently overwhelmed at the time that people were spending on this site. It reduced the productivity of the company heavily. Vuto ndilakuti when you want to concentrate somebody pops up and wants to spend time with u online. Umangozindikila lunch yakwana., zomwe wachita zosaoneka bwinobwino

My Worry: It takes me quite a while to peruse through the two forums that I subscribe to, so if I were to subscribe to four or even more surely I would take almost going to this one and coming back to the other one because ma message wo ndiye amabweladi.

Please note that I have written this post not in reference to any soul but just a a thought that came to me after a shocker I saw on one of the forums. I hear it is false and I am releived thats why I have written this one.

So ladies and gentlemen it is not only the people that we interact with on Nyasanet that matter. I am saying this because I give most of my time in a day to it. Tiyeni technology yi isatisokoneze ma relationships and friendship.

Ndangodutsamo sidathyole mkhwani

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