Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Malawi Here We Come

I am writing this post after the first night out in Malawi. Wow that company again.... Ish was there, so was my former friend...I will now mention his name for fear of becoming angry again hahahahahah.... A Thengo and Thole were also there... we went around to have a look at SSL Chez...ah it was closed!!! and Casablancautil I could not take in any more. We, me and Wez have finally furnished the sitting room with a 400,000 sofa set from Carnival Furnishers,,,, CASH CASH... the girl looked so happy coz she was so tired with the basket chairs that we have been having since June 2006...but women!!!!!!!!!! The search for a car has been put on hold rather another search has been initiated..... Hunting for a house or plot to buy ASAP...we hope this time HE will be on our side AGAIN!!!

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