Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu Fears

Yesterday I got symptoms similar to thos of swine something...I may need a doctor.. I battled with it and managed to watch Man Utd beat Arsenal to book a place in the finals of UCL at the Olyimpico whatever in Rome of course with 2 cold ones to coll my nerves. Today though I aam feeling fine...Gwanda has jumped ship again to rejoin the DPP because he cant support Tembo nothing else..Thats the greed and vengeance syndrome African polititianas have. News from Malawi still gives an edge to the DPP over the coalition even though rumours are also rife that the incumbent is panicking and would like to cancel the polls to a later date so that he restrategies..These are all rumours. Forme am doing fine and hope to continue this way..Am out

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