Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have to thank God our Lord for the safe journey that we had from Dar es Salaam to Blantyre with the two properties that were bought in Dubai about three weeks ago..
I and Victor, a Tz driver started off at around 9 pm.. We travelled almost for the whole night and reached the boarder @ around 12 mid day the following day. The earlier program to have Mr Thole drive one vehicle didn't work out as he had to leave early in the morning the same day we left. Everything went on well with clearing and insuring the cars.
I was now joined by KEN, my brother in marriage who helped me with the other car. A lot of things in between we reached Blantyre at around nine the following day.... Following day???? Oh yea that's 24 October 2009... As I write I am SUPER TIRED...
All in all I thank the Almighty once again for the safe journey... So wassup... DUTY.... We will C on Monday.....

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