Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Nachipanti" spices up Drogba game

Today two major things happen.. Malawi the Flames manage a draw against Didier Drogba's Ivory Coast.. Every patriotic Malawian is happy about the result but everybody feels that Malawi deserved a better result that a draw.

That done we arrive back home we are welcomed by angry residents who have run amok looting and burning houses of suspected members of the "Nachipanti" group. At the time we were arriving a good number of houses were already on fire in the nearby Goliyo (by the way I live in Ndirande Newlines) Within a short while they invaded our area.. Just a few minutes later the house was on fire...Two minibuses were also burnt to ashes.. I only feared for NEIGHBOURS house, but luckily it survived . I wonder where the owners of the house (pictured above) were for it would have been nice if they were burnt inside.. These people have really terrorized this area for the past few years. As I am writting the people have left for another BARON linked to the unfortunate deeds PASELI, who owns a fleet of minibuses, shops and lodges here in Ndirande and in Mangochi.

One thing that has fascinated me is the absence of FIRE Brigade and the POLICE at all the places where the burning has taken place.

The relatives of the girl who has died at hospital who was a victim of Nachipanti have asked Government to reveal the BOSSES behind Nachipanti and that they will not be responsible for the burial of their child...

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