Saturday, November 7, 2009

of quota system and the HE outbursts

Recently the president has been very busy commenting on his proposed and now fully operational idea of equitable distribution of space at tertiary education institutions in Malawi, QUOTA... He has now openly said that whether one likes it or not the proposal is now in effect.
What I find very hard to take is the way the president has handled the whole issue. Maybe it is because this is his last term in office and he doesn't care whether his party continues after 2014..
Why I say this is that the region that supported his landslide victory some few months ago is the one that feels cheated in the whole thing... They believe... As a matter of fact all but one MP of the 32 parliamentarians from the region are with his party.. Ok some were independents but defected to his party... Take that number plus other disgruntled individuals, may be due to the Mulhakho wa alomwe thing, from the other regions have me anticipate nothing but doom for the once mighty party. these are just my thoughts....

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