Friday, December 25, 2009


It has been a while since I came around this site.. I have been a little up and down. Namibia where we University Staff in this part of Africa gathered to outwit each other in various sports disciplines. I played Darts, where we came first, Volleyball where we came a distant fourth and Pool where organisation was so poor that we only managed to play one game

Two parties at work for the whole college and another one for the department on the Saturday that my darts team got promoted to division one after coming second at a playoffs tourney that took place at Pa Bakery in Zomba.

There have been fatal earthquakes in the Northern part of Malawi.. Aid is now pouring in but there are fears that a bigger quake will hit the place and some people have started going to other locations for fear of the coming quakes.

The former president of this country Dr Bakili Muluzi has called it quits in active politics and has said he will no longer fund the party he co-founded some years back.. No comment..

As I am writing this am at home with no concrete plans as to where we will spend the night.. May be a stroll in town would do.... am off

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