Friday, May 14, 2010

Long time no Blog Update

It is indeed a long time that I posted something to this blog. Many things have taken place over the past months most important of all is how happy I am for my dear wife for reasons known to me and her for now..
I attended the African School on Nanoscience for Solar Energy Conversion in Addis Ababa.. The worst journey I have ever travelled. Of course I went thinkning that a visa on arrival will be done in minutes but had to wait for over two hours to get my visa.. Not forgeting the five our delay for a KQ at KIA when leaving and to miss my flight back when heading home at Addis Airport. Maybe this was because of the company of the Embassy Official; Petros and Robbel over a Meta Premium.
During this absence my president got married in a posh wedding in the capital of Malawi. He delayed his honeymoon and now nobody knows his where abouts...
Ok for now

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