Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to watch the World Cup Games live over Internet...

I posted a similar post in time for the Africa Cup of Nations

Let me not waste time here.. All u need to do is
1-Go to
2-Go to software on the tab on top
3-Download any of the players available. Sopcast, TVU and TV
ants have worked for me
4-Near the software tab click on Live sports
5-The live games will appear and then u choose the game that u
want and then click on the TVthat appears at the far left end
6-Click at the link with the software that you installed and voila the
game will start playing automatically.

Dont miss a match use your internet quota and enjoy. The good thing is that when matches are played at the same time you can enjoy all of them at the same time.... TV - ants using VLC can do this...

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Chifundo Tenthani said...

when these work please contact me on even when u have problems... Enjoy


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