Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Exam Buried

Today I have done my second paper in Other Forms of Renewable Energy, Wind, Tidal, Wave and Geothermal. The exam was not very bad and I am sure I am well covered again. The best part fro me is coming up on Thursday when we sit for Byaruhanga's Entrepreneurship. I really enjoyed his classes and hope to get another good one here. Days are fast approaching the day I will be with the one I love again. I just cant wait to be with Wez again. I am missing her and I know she is missing me... Hope to push on my research again which has stalled due to exam pressure..... For now let me go and enjoy a big Tilapia with maybe a beer...a beer? No not now. Let me first finish Dr Da Silva's assignment and make merry later.....

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