Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The death of a friend: Dominic Mtumbuka

Late Dominic Mtumbuka (not in shirt) 2 weeks before his demise
This week has been one of the most trying of my life. My colleague Dominic Ohms Peter Mtumbuka passed away on Sunday 07-06-09. He started complaining about headache on Wednesday 27 May after coming from a visit at Water Dept in Ubungo Dar. The next day he came back and told us he had taken malaria drug Malafin... Since we were preparing for exams the following week, he kept studying and there was no sign he was so sick that he would pass away the in the coming week. Things changed on Sunday when he complained on having breathing problems whenever he attempted to walk...We had to bring him foo t his room.... In the morning of Monday he said he was feeling OK and we even went together for lunch even though he did not eat... On Tuesday his condition worsened and we had to take him to the University Hospital where he was admitted, put on drip and antibiotics. He went for x-ray on Thursday where he was diagonised with swellings in the respiratory tract... On Friday and Saturday his condition improved tremendously and everybody was shocked on Sunday morning when we were informed that he had passed away at 07:30 hrs of Sunday 07 June.

His body was taken to Muhimbili National Hospital mortuary at around 09:00 hrs. No arrangements were made on this day as there was no official at campus. All the arrangements were started on Monday with The Assistant Coordinator Mr Isack Legonda who worked tirelessly together with Henry, Petros, Sam playing a very big role. We went to the Immigration Office to clear our friend, the Malawi High Commission where Mr Biziweki gave us a letter to help us during our travel back to Malawi, the Foreign Affairs Dept. We also checked for tansport and got quotes for the coffin.

Tueday was left for Mr Legonda to finalise on the financial arrangements.

We gathered together again on Wednesday. Bought the coffin, clothes and went to the Morgue to pay our last respects to the late Domi at 14:00 hrs. Mr Biziweki also came to bid us goodbye. Mr Wilson Musinguzi, Ass Coordinator in Makerere University.

We left Dar at around 17:00hrs and only got out of town at around 19:00 hrs because of traffic jam. We travelled in a Land Cruiser in the company of Isack, Wilson and a Mr Uledi who was our driver. Slept at Morogoro and left again at 04:00hrs. Had a fat tyre in Mikumi National PArk and had a stopover at the next trading centre to have the flat tyre mended. We were on course to cross the border in time but a punctured radiator ment that we had to spend about three hours at the Mbeya junction. We reached the border an hour after it was closed. Name withheld of PIL was of alot of help as he had to arrange for special treatment. We crossed the border but the driver got tired and we had to wait for Poly people at Chitimba Roadblock.

We reached late Dominic's home at 05:00hrs where he was buried the same day at around 14:00hrs

At the time of his death the late Dominic was a second year MSc in Renewable Energy student at Makerere University and was at University of Dar es Salaam for specialisations



Darlington said...

Could not believe it when I saw the memo about his death...RIP Dominic.

Bennett Kankuzi said...

So sad indeed! May God the Almighty comfort Dominic's parents and relatives.


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