Friday, June 6, 2014

Podcasting and Online Radio

In the last lesson at the Web2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunity at the NLS participants learnt about Podcasting and Online Radio from the Information Management Resource Kit (iMark).

A podcast is an audio file that one can upload on the internet through a website or indeed a blog, where other people can download or listen to at any time they wish to do that, this includes on portable devices like mobile phones and tablets. It was learnt that podcast can be produced as easily. Mobile phones, computers and usually digital recorders can be used to record media which could be in the form of interviews, live broadcasts and other functions.

There may be need to edit some of the recorded files to make them nice for the targeted audience.  It must be noted that the recorded media maybe in many formats depending on the equipment used to record it as such it is necessary to put it in formats that are easily played on many players most preferably mp3 format.  Once you have created your podcast it is necessary to build your audience by sharing your link to the pod-casts so that people can access them either through pod catchers or rss feeds.

This was another eye opener to all the participants

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