Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Web 2.0 and Social Media Training

This week I am at the National Library Service in collaboration with CTA organised, Nicholas Kimolo facilitated workshop where among other things we have learnt how to do advanced searches on the internet, how to curate media that you are interested in using scoopit, how you can get news delivered to you rather than spending time looking for it using feedly how you can do quick survey (most interesting for me) using Google Drive and many other nice things. While many people still struggle keeping their files in many locations participants have been reminded that they can keep they files in the "cloud" using tools like Dropbox. Through skype and hangouts participants learnt that they can hold even video conference calls and make presentations remotely. Participants have also learnt online mapping where one can tag projects and locations as shown here. And hey please fill in this questionnaire on the demand for testing services for Malawi Bureau of Standards Every one seems happy that they are learning new things that they could not imagine that the internet could achieve. 

The training was opened by the Chairman of NLS Sheik Chabulika in the presence of the National Librarian and some Board Members. 
The National Librarian making his speech during the opening ceremony, Sheik Chabulika (3rd left)
The video attached is an example of how videos can also be added to blogs, below the facilitator is helping a participant

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